Work with Sway Essay

I offer help in two ways:


  1. One-on-one editing, which can involve a brainstorm session, a detailed critique and polishing through copy editing until your essay shines.


  1. Zoom workshops to learn about how to Write a Personal Statement and How to Edit a Personal Statement.


I try to turn essay edits around within 48 hours and will often work faster if a deadline is looming. I pride myself in offering boutique-style service to my students and am available to them via phone, text, email and Zoom as they advance through their writing and editing processes.


Contact me to learn more about how the process works for each option, and we can zero in on what kind of help you need. Send me an email at [email protected] or, if you prefer, call or text at 859-948-5460.


“I just must email you with an update on my progress! I have gotten so many interview invitations, and everyone compliments my personal statement! I have been invited to interview at places I’d never dreamed I’d be invited to (Harvard, Dartmouth, UVA, UNC, Emory, Wash U, and Vanderbilt, to name just a few). I cannot thank you enough for your help. I would not have been able to write a personal statement even remotely as great without it.”

— Jennifer Dennison, client